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Playing a Drum

Drumming Kids (7 to 12 Years)

Our drumming classes introduce your child to the world of African Rhythm as well as experiencing the benefits of drumming in a drumming circle. 

In each class, your children will be playing on the one of the main African instrument- Djembe, as well as other African percussion instrument in our studio, such as the dun dun. 

Through our various activities in this program, your children will learn to create and improvise rhythms, develop teamwork, social skills, self-confidence as well as learning and appreciating the African Musical Culture.


Class Duration, Location and Structure

​Duration of the class- 30 to 45 minutes (depending on class size)


Maximum number of students per class- 8

Lessons run during school term only (10 weeks).

At the present, classes are only held in Palmerston Area only. We are still working on offering the class in Northern Suburbs.

Class Schedule Based on demand and availability.

Register your child to check schedule.


  • $200 (Incl. GST) per term (10 Lessons per term)

  • Additional Material Fees charged at $20 per term to cover cost of print materials etc.

Bundle Discount - 10% off given if your child is in our other programs or classes

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