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Ensemble Classes for Primary School Children

Our Ensemble Classes are great for children who just wants to get into music without specialising in one instrument. These classes are run by a qualified and experienced classroom music teacher and meets the standards of the Australian Curriculum- The Arts (Music)

It also complements your children’s instrumental music lessons.

Our Ensemble Classes covers the following area:

  • Ensemble Development Skills

  • Musicianship, Theory and Aural Skills

  • Music Appreciation 

  • Creating, exploring and Improvising Music

  • Music Performance and Rehearsal Techniques

Ensemble Classes We Offer

Musicking’ Kids

Sing, move, dance, play a variety of instruments (tuned and untuned percussion) with others as we learn and perform a variety of music from various cultures…

Drummin’ Kids

Enjoy the rhythmic richness and the benefits of drumming as we develop our ensemble skills, creating and improvise rhythms in a drumming circle setting… 


Kidzrock (5 to 8 years)

Get your children to rock and roll in a rock band setting. Nurturing your child’s love for music and playing with others…

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