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(0 to 1 year)


Developing Brains 
and Creating Bonds


Foundation classes hopes to provide a joyful first music experience – a rich community of sharing and learning for you and your little one, with emphasis placed on sensory exploration, beat, rhythm, movement, vocal play, listening and bonding.

In each class, you and your baby will enjoy a unique blend of musical learning activities that engage all the senses and stimulate your baby’s developing brain – promoting language, physical, cognitive, social and emotional growth.


Activities are designed to meet each baby at their unique developmental stage and offer you a little glimpse into their amazing development.

These classes are designed to create community – they are slower paced, allowing you the time and space to connect and play with your baby and provide a safe and welcoming place to share the joys and challenges of parenting, supporting you on your parenting journey.

What you will experience in class:

  • Listening and experiencing song and rhymes

  • Vocal plays with caregivers that builds neural pathway in babies’ developing brain.

  • Exploring baby-safe musical instruments and other objects play.

  • Baby Massage, relaxation techniques and bonding exercise with caregivers.

  • Some sharing of parenting tips and how to use music for everyday activities at home.

Class Duration and Structure

  • 35 to 45 minutes long

Class Schedule Based on demand and availability.

Register your child to check schedule.

Fee Structure
(from 2024 onwards)

Fees Option 1:

4 Week Program - $90 (incl. GST)

Fees Option 2:

8 Week Program- $160 (Incl. GST)

Both fees include flexible make-up lesson options. Terms and Conditions Apply.

Fees Inclusion- Access to Kindermusik Online Materials during the duration of the program

Optional Add Ons-

Kindermusik Activity Book (for take home)

Option 1- Add $10

Option 2- Add $15

One time Preview Class Available at $22 (incl. GST)

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