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Kidzrock (5 to 8 years)

Our Kidzrock Program, written by Dave Simon, is a ‘band’ program with the focus of providing children an experience in playing in a rock band, as well as providing them an opportunity to learn the keyboard, drums and electric guitar.

We are pleased to be the first Licenced and only Kidzrock Program provider in Northern Territory, Australia.

In each class, your children will rotate between guitar, keyboard and drums to learn and perform music together.

No prior experience is needed and this program is an excellent way to introduce your children to formal guitar, keyboard or drum lessons.

Pathway from this Kidzrock Program-

1. Our Group Keyboard Classes

2. Junior Rockerz (Rock Band Program for older children)- coming soon.

3. Guitar/ Drum/ Piano Lessons

4. Our Musicking or African Drumming Classes.

Watch the video below to see the musical outcome of this program.

Class Duration, Location and Structure

​Duration of the class- 30 to 45 minutes (depending on class size)


Maximum number of students per class- 6

Lessons run during school term only (10 weeks).

At the present, classes are only held in Palmerston Area only. We are still working on offering the class in Northern Suburbs.

Class Schedule Based on demand and availability.

Register your child to check schedule.


  • $275 (Incl. GST) per term (10 Lessons per term)

  • Additional Material Fees charged at $10 per term to cover cost of print materials etc.

Bundle Pricing with our Encore on Keys Junior Group Keyboard Class available at $500 per term ($50 off combined term fees)

Bundle Pricing with our individual piano lessons also available depending on your current child’s duration. Please contact us to check for price.

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