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Register for Kindermusik

Congratulations on taking the first step in registering your child to their first musical journey.

Complete the form below to register for our Kindermusik Classes.

1. Remember to check out the cost and offerings of each level and the program information.

2. Indicate your preferences of day and time for your child’s registration.

3. You will be contacted if a class is opened or opening at your preferred time.

4. You will be sent an invoice once your child’s enrolment is confirmed.

5. This form is used only for regular Kindermusik Classes starting February 2024. It is not to be used for school holiday Kindermusik Classes. To register for Kindermusik School Holiday Classes, click here.

Kindermusik Registration Form
Preferred Days
Preferred Time
How did you find out about us?
Do you give permission for us to take videos or photographs of your child for the purpose of advertising and marketing purposes on our website and social media?
Would you like to receive email updates about our music classes in the future?

Thank you for registering for Kindermusik! You will be contacted shortly regarding your child's registration. Have a nice day!

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