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About Kindermusik

We are currently one of the first studio that offers a full accredited Kindermusik Program in Northern Territory. Kindermusik is the award-winning Kindermusik program – a research-based, developmentally appropriate curriculum that draws upon the works and teachings of early childhood specialists and music educators such as Shinichi Suzuki, Maria Montessori, Zoltan Kodaly, Émile Jaques-Dalcroze and Carl Orff.

Each age-appropriate class (for newborn – 7 years) immerses your child in rhythm, songs, rhymes, instrument play, and movement activities that establish a foundation of early learning and support your child’s sustained growth, confidence and creativity throughout life. Your online resources, included with every unit, will help you to bring the learning home and support you as your child’s first and most important teacher.

We look forward to offer the following Levels of Kindermusik for your child. The levels are grouped according to the child’s age. However, there will be some overlapping of ages in each level as we believe that every child develops at their own pace. Click on each level to find out more information as well as register your interest for your child to enrol in that level. Registering your interest is the best way to be enrolled. We will contact you once a class is opened or when there are spaces available for the class.

The full Kindermusik Curricular offerings is as follows- please note that the levels are based on your child’s developmental age and not based on skill level.

We are also offering Kindermusik Program For Schools, Early Learning Centres and Daycare centres in Darwin and Surrounds. Click here for more information.

Read Below to find out about what each level has to offer and register for each level.



For newborns to 1 year old

Great level to introduce your newborn child to music. Discover and learn ways to use music, movement, vocal play, touch for your baby’s overall development during this year.

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Level 1 

For early walkers (1 to 2 years old)

As your infant grows into toddler-hood, continue to use music, movement, routines, rhymes to help your young toddler explore the new world around them with confidence.

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Level 2

For the Older Toddler (2-3 Years old)

As your child grow in independence and confidence, the musical activities in this level continues to encourage social- emotional growth and build early pre-literacy and number skills.

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Level 3

For the Pre-schoolers (3 to 5 Years old)

Continue to develop or engage your child’s love of music through creative imaginative play while bolstering language, memory and social emotional skills.

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Level 4 (with Piano Introduction)

For Preschoolers who are getting ready for school ( 4 years to 6 years)

This level is great for any young children who wants to explore and learn musical concepts, styles and various instruments with an introduction to the keyboard. Build skills that enhance your child’s school readiness in this level.

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Musicians Level

For early primary school children (5 to 7 years)

Unsure of your child’s readiness to learn an instrument formally? This level is best to develop musical skills for instrumental learning in the future. Attendance of 2 years (4 semesters) in this level is strongly encouraged to benefit from this level.

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