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Level 4
(4 to 6 Year old)


 Developing and Appreciating Musical Foundations , Styles and concepts

Our Level 4 class continues to engage your child’s natural creativity and love of music and encourages them to explore their singing voice, creative sound-making, rhythm patterns and musical notation through songs, storytelling, instrument play, dance and movement.

At this age, children love learning and making music with their peers and can now begin to apply what they are learning in different ways.

Level 4 classes provide the perfect environment that encourages your child without pushing. The rich foundation of musicianship which Kindermusik lays has the potential to accelerate later progress on any instrument.

This level 4 class also includes an Introduction to Keyboard, and is great for any child who may be interested in learning a keyboard instrument.

What your children will experience in class:


Playing of a larger variety of instruments- Your children will be exposed to a bigger variety of instruments as compared to the previous levels.

Focused listening. Children will learn to identify a range of orchestra instruments and their sound qualities, while also gaining an early awareness and knowledge of composers and masterworks in Western arts tradition as well as different genres of music.

Reading and Writing Music. Basic music notation, music vocabulary and music history including learning about the various genres of music, composers and cultures.

Music and Movement. Opportunities to get those little feet dancing. Movement is crucial to improving large motor skills and to help your child feel the beat in the music. Preschoolers will participate in various group dances and games which will help them learn social cues and expression.

Singing. In this class, your preschooler will continue to develop pitch accuracy, expand vocal range, and expose to different vocal styles of music.

Listening to Stories. The stories in Level 4 will frequently help to reinforce the featured musical genre, musical concepts and musical vocabulary from class.

Introduction to Keyboard: This level is great for children who wants to explore the keyboard as a potential choice of instrument. The concepts learn in class will be explored on the keyboard as well as introducing the orientation, technique and keys on the keyboard.

Class Duration and Structure

  • 45 to 55 minutes long

Class Schedule Based on demand and availability.

Register your child to check schedule.

Fee Structure
(from 2024 onwards)

8 Week Program- $193.60 (Incl. GST) during school term

Fees Inclusion-

Access to Kindermusik Online Materials during the duration of the program

Kindermusik Activity Book x 2 

2 Make Up/ Sick Credit (on the last 2 weeks of the school term, e.g. week 9 and 10, Terms and Conditions* Apply)

One time Preview Class Available at $22 (incl. GST)

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