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(5 to 7 Years)


Building strong musical foundations, developing life long love for music

Kindermusik Musicians is an incredibly enriched 2-year musical learning journey which will teach your child to be a confident, musically literate, note-reading, beat-keeping, ensemble savvy, composing, improvising, lesson-ready music maker!

Kindermusik Musicians is an exciting, fun and fabulous place to be for your budding musicians. It provides your child with the tools and knowledge to begin formal instruction with an enthusiasm and continued love for music that will stay with them forever. 

Listen as your child astonishes you with her newfound ability to create musical compositions. Kindermusik Musicians provides a pressure-free, developmentally appropriate transition to musically succeed before taking on more formal instruction.

Kindermusik provides the opportunity to explore voice development, rhythm, notation, musical symbols and authentic pre-keyboard, string and woodwind instruments.

Kindermusik Musicians helps every child develop a confident, joyful voice for singing and speaking as well as essential building blocks for a future of learning.

What your children will experience in class:

  • Singing, vocal and musicianship development – Using recognised Music speech audiation method such as ‘ta’, ‘ti-ti’ and solfege such as ‘sol-mi’, your children will develop sight singing and musicianship skills.

  • Movement — Children dance expressively and meaningfully to music and explore musical concepts such as pitch and rhythm with their bodies.

  • Reading and writing — Young children will learn melodic notation and identify pitches such as the C, A, and D notes on the treble clef, plus rhythmic notation – eventually even composing their own music.

  • Focused listening — Children will learn to identify a range of orchestra instruments and their sound qualities, while also gaining an early awareness and knowledge of composers and masterworks in Western arts tradition.

  • Exploring and playing musical instruments — Authentic percussion, string, pre-keyboard, and woodwind instruments expose children to the many choices for future musical study, and at the same time provide them with the opportunity to musically succeed before taking on more formal instruction.

Class Duration and Structure

  • 45 to 60 minutes long

Class Schedule Based on demand and availability.

Register your child to check schedule.

Fee Structure
(from 2024 onwards)

Full Semester Program- $400 (Incl. GST)

(16 Weeks)

*Flexible Non-refundable Term payment option available (*$250 for 1st 8 weeks, $150 for next 8 weeks)

Fees Inclusion-

Access to Kindermusik Online Materials during the duration of the program

4 Make Up/ Sick Credit (transferable to next semester or refundable at the end of ‘graduation’ upon Musician- 2nd Year )

Compulsory Additional Fees- $65* per Year (subject to change depending on the exchange rate)

Kindermusik Physical Materials which includes the following

1. Kindermusik Bagback

2. 1 x Glockenspiel with Mallets

3. Game Pieces and Cards

4. Glockenspiel Book


One time Preview Class Available at $25 (incl. GST)

Bundle Pricing- Available for students enrolled in our other classes. Please check for bundle pricing fees.

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